Sofie Contemporary Arts - group show

A selection of my sculpture and painting will be on view at the new Sofie Contemporary Arts gallery in Calistoga, CA from September 9th through October 29th. Opening reception is Saturday, September 9th, 5-8pm. Sofie Gallery is located at 1407 Lincoln Ave., Calistoga.

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Fishing for Water

Such a paradox - feeling compelled to paint in a fluid manner, yet being physically surrounded by an atmosphere infused with dryness and stillness. Where does illusion begin and end?

"Fishing for Water" - oil & encaustic on wood panel, 12" x 12"


The reveal of grain in every slice of wood differs. As a ground for paint, it prompts me to define and isolate shapes that in turn expand the notion of how objects occupy space, or how objects can become space. A new series of work evolves from the ground up.

  Cathedral -  oil on wood panel, 36" x 48"

Cathedral - oil on wood panel, 36" x 48"

Slippage Literary Magazine

A few of my paintings that deal with environmental issues are featured in Slippage Literary Magazine (, an online publication whose focus is to fuse contemporary art with science. Besides artwork, they publish poetry and prose. Enjoy!


First comes the atmosphere to establish this place, this watery place. Blues, greens and the orange of reflected sunlight, layering amongst each other. A sea and a sky with no clear separation. My eye is stopped by a filigree of white light emerging through the horizontal bands of color. Tracing this laciness, I find myself pulling these elements forward and linking them by creating a strong vertical; a masthead, a backbone. It’s perhaps a reference to a life form that may have once been here, dropping its seed for future visions.

 "Spawning" - oil on panel

"Spawning" - oil on panel